Noel Whitten Ltd is one of the most successful real estate firms in Wolfville, CA, providing comprehensive property services to help you find the perfect property as per your needs. Whether you are seeking to sell a property including luxury residence or apartments or planning to buy a new home Noel is always ready to be a part of your endeavor and provide professional service that you deserve. His relentless hunt for excellence in the levels of service being offered to clients explores that at every level of collaboration in the business, he is experienced with the service objective in mind.

Making Your Real Estate Experience A Pleasant One

Whether your real estate agendas are small or large, Noel Whitten is positioned to exceed client’s expectations. You can get in touch with Noel for an amazing selection of dream homes, as well as properties of your choice. With his authority, firmly rooted in the real estate industry, Noel’s vision is to exceed client’s expectations providing professional service, with honesty, integrity & diligence.

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About Me

Giving Shape To Your Real Estate Goals

Noel Whitten is an experienced realtor, committed to help you in entire property buying experience. From determining your property requirements to identifying community resources, he manages everything so professionally. He has been actively involved in Real Estate since Jan. 2009 when he purchased the Master Franchise for an International Home Inspection company.

Noel’s personality and style blend exceptionally well with years of experience and that has earned him the reputationof one of the most trusted and admired real estate professionals in his domain. Several years of working with a team of 16 home inspectors in Atlantic Canada has given him much practical experience to assist buyers in the purchase of a new home.

Noel’s mission is to become a reliable and trusted realtor with a commitment to help clients in every possible way. He serves the real estate needs of the clients and ensures you get the complete & perfect solutions as per your needs. Being loyal to the core values and ideologies, Noel ensures the interest of the clients stays at the forefront.


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